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Psybis-Plus™ Trip-le Shot Tropical Blast

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Psybis-Plus™ Trip-le Shot Tropical Blast

Psybis-Plus™ Trip-le Shot Tropical Blast


A stimulating Tropical Blast Pysbis-Plus™ Trip-le Shot crafted with 15mg of nootropic beneficial mushrooms and hemp-derived cannabinoids in a Psybis-Plus™ proprietary blend. This 'Tropical Blast' creates an uplifting boost of energy, enhanced creative senses, and euphoric cerebral mood.

The 'Day Tripper' 2oz shot packs 15mg of our proprietary Psybis-Plus™ blend with a healthy dose of enhanced caffeine equal to approximately 2 cups of coffee boosted with nano-technology to accelerate bio-availability.  

Enliven the Evening, Get your Dance On, Go on a Hike, Take in a Sunset, Make a Memory!

Enhance your Journey..., Enjoy the Ride!...

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