What do we make?

  • Paloma Mocktail

    Infused with Proprietary 'Psybis-Plus'™ Complex blend of mildly euphoric Nootropic Mushrooms and Cannabis

  • Moscow Mule Mocktail

    Infused with Proprietary 'Psybis-Plus'™ Complex blend of mildly euphoric Nootropic Mushrooms and Cannabis

  • Mojito Mocktail

    Infused with Proprietary 'Psybis-Plus'™ Complex blend of mildly euphoric Nootropic Mushrooms and Cannabis

  • Tropical Blast - Trip`le Shot

    A stimulating Tropical Blast Proprietary 'Psybis-Plus'™ Trip`le Shot crafted with 15mg of nootropic beneficial mushrooms and hemp-derived cannabinoids in a Psybis-Plus™ proprietary blend. 

  • Sativa THC Energy Shots

    Sativa strains of THC functionally enhanced with Yerba Mate Tea and other energizing nutraceuticals (DISPENSARY ONLY)

  • Indica Sleep THC Shots

    Indica strains of THC functionally enhanced with Chamomile Tea and and Melatonin for your perfect sleep (DISPENSARY ONLY).

  • Relax THC Shots

    Hybrid strains of THC functionally enhanced with Green Tea and other superfood anti-oxidants (DISPENSARY ONLY)

HOW are we different?

While many of our plant-based blends are infused with Beneficial Nootropic Flowering Mushrooms and Legal Cannabis. We own proprietary, unique, and regulatory compliant formulations for:

  • Direct to Consumer (DTC)-Online 'Zero-THC'* Broad Spectrum CBD + minor cannabinoid blends of nutritional hemp seed oil for non-intoxicated well-being, plus future line-extension opportunities with flowering non-hallucinogenic Mushroom blends
  • 21+ Legal Dispensary High-THC** Marijuana intoxicants sold exclusively at Legal Dispensaries
  • 18+ Consumer Sales of legal & compliant 'California-Sober' non-alcoholic Mocktail beverages infused with Psybis-Plus™, our proprietary blend of low-dose blends Flowering Nootropic Mushrooms brewed with Hemp Cannabinoids plus a light caffeine-kicker!.

~~~ "Flower-Power!" ~~~

WHY do we do, what we do..?

~ We create community around healthy, social, outdoor, mindful, and active lifestyles through experiential well-being shared with others.

~ We believe in the strength of the past.., and the power of the future.

~ We believe in social engagement above isolated screen-time. We believe in hikes in the mountains and strolls on the beach.

~ We believe in the joy to be had by trusting in the good in each of us, and by fully engaging one another through our hearts again.

~ We believe in the subtle glow of Sunsets.... and maybe even more importantly; We believe in the renewal and promise of Sunrises and a new Dawn...!

  • The Market

    ~ Non-Psychoactive cannabinoid-infused products were a $5.3B+ market in 2021 and projected to grow more than 16%+ CAGR over the next decade according to Grand View Research.

    ~ The 'High-THC' Dispensary product Industry is going through consolidation, yet still gauged at $16B+ by GVR and projected to grow at 24%+ CAGR from 2022 to 2027, with beverages being one of the hottest growth segments.

    ~ Propretary 'Psybis-Plus'™: Fueling additional growth is a great nexus of interest in low or no-alcohol beverage options combined with the rapidly trending interest in mildly euphoric 'Mocktail' drinks as consumers look for safe, natural alternatives to alcohol.

    • Demand for non-alcoholic canned cocktails is 48% higher among 21-35 year olds than over 35's
    • Spiking the drinks with CBD boosts demand by 18% among 21-35 year olds.
    • Mood boost versions — blended with Hemp-derived THC and/or natural adaptogens and nootropics ('euphorics') — drives the highest demand with over 35's; generating 29% greater demand than the standard non-alcoholic version.
  • The Ask

    We are raising $500,000 in an early 'Friends & Family' round, of which we've raised $100,000 to-date.

    • This initial capital will be straight equity-financing in $50k-$100k increments each garnering 400,000 shares per $50k (LLC Membership Interests) of the Organization (20M shares outstanding).

    • We do anticipate further fundraising activity to continue post-close of 'Friends & Family', though offered as Convertible Notes at a significantly higher valuation.

    • First-Right-of-Refusal on subsequent equity offerings will be granted to all existing Member Interests at the future time of new Offering.

  • The Use of Funds

    The remaining capital raised is being used to reach the following key milestones:

    • Amend prototype sample formulations of the four (4) Psybis-Plus™ sku's into production scale, creating 10-15,000/ea as MOQ Inventory
    • Develop High-THC product packaging and put into production for a 'Soft-Launch' in Colorado Legal Dispensaries
    • Initiate targeted regional on/off-premise alcohol, Smoke & Vape Shop, and DTC Wholesale and Retail Marketing Strategies
    • Develop Influencer programs, Sampling Inventory, Digital Media and Social Content to support Marketing initiatives
    • Gross Revenue Targets:

    2023 - $150,000

    2024 - $4,000,000

    2025 - $12,000,000

  • Introduction

    The Cannabis Industry, while expanding overall even during consolidation, is sorely lacking in innovation. Magic Buzz Psybis-Plus™ is a cutting-edge proprietary base formulation, in trending and targeted packaging, that offers consumers a unique and immersive experience blending Nootropic Mushrooms and Cannabis.

    Our immediate objective is to effectively market a restricted number of Psybis-Plus™ sku's, creating not just consumers but evangelists, in narrow targeted "proof-of-concept" regional geographic areas prior to national expansion.

    We will leverage social media influencers, affiliates, and in-store promotions featuring the "Magic Buzz MicroBus" in conjunction with the rollout of the new VW Electric MicroBus (nicknamed "The Buzz") and trending social and cultural references to simpler times and community engagement.

  • Social Media Influencers

    Identify and collaborate with influential personalities who align with the brand's values and target audience. These influencers will have a strong following and interest in the culture and zeitgeist that align with our Brand messaging. The strategy will involve:

    • Providing complimentary Psybis-Plus™ units to selected influencers for them to create engaging content in their specific arena of expertise or cultural influence..
    • Hosting giveaways or contests on influencers' channels to boost engagement and brand visibility.
    • Encouraging influencers to use the "Magic Buzz MicroBus" as an experiential focal point in their content creation.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    Develop an affiliate program to incentivize content creators, bloggers, and niche websites to promote Pybis-Plus™ to their audiences. The program will include:

    • Offering attractive commission rates for every sale made through their unique affiliate links.
    • Providing affiliates with exclusive discounts, limited-time offers, or bundles to entice their audiences.
    • Developing promotional materials and product images for affiliates to use on their platforms, emphasizing the "Magic Buzz MicroBus" experience and trending nostalgia.
  • Digital Content Creation and In-Store Promotions with "The Magic MicroBuzz"

    Utilize the "Magic Buzz MicroBus" to create captivating digital content and in-store experiences, encouraging customers to try Psybis-Plus™. The strategy will involve:

    • Partnering with alcohol distributors, smoke&vape stores, off-premise liquor stores and on-premise bars to set up "The Magic Buzz MicroBus" where customers can sample Psybis-Plus™ and experience the 60's-70's period nostalgia and brand messaging.
    • Create compelling digital content in brand/lifestyle environments with identifiable Influencers and/or "The Magic MicroBuzz" to showcase the associated lifestyle enhancements.
    • Offering exclusive Online and In-Store discounts and/or bundled deals for customers who make a purchase after seeing though-leaders and/or other related audiences experiencing Psybis-Plus™ in and around the "The Magic MicroBuzz."
  • Metrics & Analytics

    Regularly track and analyze the success of each marketing channel:

    • Monitor social media engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments, to gauge the impact of influencer partnerships.
    • Track affiliate-driven sales and identify top-performing affiliates to optimize the program further.
    • Measure foot traffic and sales conversion rates in stores where the "The Magic MicroBuzz" is deployed.

Legal and Compliance

Prior to sharing additional Legal and/or Due Diligence documentation, we ask that you proceed with the following Mutual Non-Disclosure and Accredited Investor Attestation:


Accredited Investor Verification

We look forward to processing this information and welcoming you to The Magic Buzz family!

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