The Magic Buzz began in 2003 as a mobile coffee/espresso shack operating out of a VW Camper Van in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. ‘The Buzz’, a fully restored 1971 Volkswagen Bus, elicited an outpouring of ‘wayfaring traveler’ stories, endless Grateful Dead/Panic/Phish tales, and ‘Family Road-Trip' legends loaded with nostalgia, magical memories, and an appreciation for simpler times. 

Our deep interest in the wellness, non-psychoactive properties of the cannabis plant and naturally occurring legal nootropic mushrooms, transitioned the company into providing Hemp, CBD and Functional Mushroom products focused on energy and empowerment to assure safe, healthy, and enjoyably enhanced experiences in human well-being.

  • 2003 - Magic Buzz Coffee & Chai Company

    Our magical journey began as a simple idea on the return-trip from Burning Man in 2003. What started out as a hobby business selling coffee & chai out the side-window of a 1971 VW Bus the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, has become todays 'Magic Buzz'.

  • 2014 - THC/Marijuana Dispensary Products (psychoactive)

    In 2014 Colorado legalized Adult-Use marijuana. Magic Buzz was first to functionally-enhance cannabis products with beneficial nutraceutical supplements. We created low-dose, safe, and effective Energy, Chill, and Sleep alternatives.

  • 2016 - CBD/Hemp Products (non-psychoactive)

    A passion for wellness, community, and outdoor activity led to the creation of FDA-compliant and non-psychoactive Hemp/CBD & minor cannabinoid products, again providing plant-based natural Energy, Recovery, and Sleep consumer choices

  • 2023 - Psybis-Plus™ Products

    A compelling chance to create functional nootropic mushroom & cannabis blends reinvigorates innovation and excitement at Magic Buzz.

    Proprietary Psybis-Plus™ was designed to enliven your life's journey and enhance your overall experiential well-being...

A "Hand Up!", rather than a hand-out...

At Magic Buzz, we practice ‘Conscious Capitalism’

 We donate 1% of our gross revenue to philanthropic efforts, without compromise.  

​We are creating these foundations to be known for impact investing that empowers individual and community improvement through sustainability initiatives with the use of Hemp, and to reward individuals investing time and energy toward unity and the greater good in humanity. 

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