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Dec 6, 2017 | Cannabis Edibles

What is an emulsion?

Emulsions have historically been used in consumable products. They tend to be products that contain some type of oil. Peanut butter is a great example. The oil in peanut butter gets broken down into small droplets and dispersed throughout the rest of the product, making it an emulsion.You know how, after a while, the oil starts to settle at the top? That’s because eventually those oils start to separate. This same separation tends to happen in products made with cannabis oil.

The scientific advances of nano-emulsion technology help to prevent this, making your buzz even more functional! Leveraging nano-emulsion technology we are able to break the particles into an even finer size which allows for greater dispersion of the activated cannabis oil in the drink.

What does nano-emulsion technology do for you?
  • Better Absorption – Giving you more energy when you need it, and helping you unwind when you don’t
  • More Efficiency – Our products now pack a more powerful punch in every drop.
  • More Consistency – Meaning you get the same great experience every time you pick one up, all with less separation than other infused drinks.
Nano-Emulsion Technology Magic Buzz