The Magic Buzz started as a mobile coffee shop operating out of a 1970s VW Bus in Aspen, Colorado. The founders, Scott & Gary had a lifelong relationship with cannabis and decided to take that passion and apply it to the blooming Colorado cannabis market and from that today’s Magic Buzz was born. The Magic Buzz is committed to creating playful, high-quality cannabis beverages infused with functional ingredients to ensure absolute effectiveness.

Magic Buzz THC products are infused with Organa Labs certified CO 2 oil ensuring and pure, balanced and consistent experience every time.

Our Products

Magic Buzz New Packaging - Indica Sleep and Sativa Energy
Magic Buzz New Packaging - Hybrid Relax and Indica Sleep

The Best Buzz

We are dedicated to making your experience, whether it is your first or one of many, the best that it can be. Please let us, or your budtender, help you decide which edible product is best for you and how to safely dose edibles. Edibles infused with THC are metabolized in the body differently than smoked or inhaled products.

The key to enjoying edibles is to start with a low milligram dosage (most guidelines recommend starting with 5mg) or a single serving product, and to wait an extended period of time (1 hour or longer) until you know how the edible will affect you before you consume more.

The body high caused by edibles is what most people are commonly going to feel, and this is why edibles are a great resource for those suffering from bodily aches and pains. Edibles are a favorite product of many medical patients that are looking to consume THC without having to ingest any smoke or vapor in order to medicate.

We have broken our magic buzz products into three groups so that you can find what is best for you. To achieve your best buzz, it will depend on what the intended goal is. If you’re looking for some bodily relief but don’t want to throw off the rest of your day, we recommend the energy magic buzz to take the place of your morning cup of joe. If you’re looking to unwind after a long day, but don’t want to be headed to bed just yet, we would recommend the relax. And finally, if it is time to call it a night, the sleep time magic buzz will make sure that you get to bed quickly and comfortably.

We want to give you the best edible experience possible, so please consume responsibly, and enjoy the buzz.