Understanding Cannabis Edibles

Since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and other states like it, there has been a slew of misinformation surrounding the use of edibles and their place in a legitimate cannabis-centric marketplace. Many consumers have found themselves overwhelmed by the vast array of edibles available in their local dispensary. Still, others have sought to produce their own edibles, without taking pause to review some of the principles of responsible use. Without a doubt, purchasing edibles from a dispensary is the only real way to ensure you are receiving an accurate dose. That being said, some edibles, even those sold in dispensaries, have some discrepancies of THC content based on the type edible. Things like brownies and cakes may be difficult to split into evenly dosed pieces, because the mixture is not homogenous. There is no way to ensure the cannabis is evenly distributed throughout the mixture. Liquid edibles, like Magic Buzz, are precisely measured, individual doses, so consumers can be certain that they are receiving reliable doses each time they consume the product.

What’s a good dose to take?

Many first-timers think that they should start off their relationship with edibles by eating an entire cookie or chocolate bar. This is a big no-no. A beginners dose should
start somewhere around 5mg, and only after waiting an hour or more, should a person consider adding another 5mg into their systems. A recent campaign in Colorado- First Time Five advocates for beginners to be aware of the major difference between smoking or vaporizing, and consuming cannabis through edibles. Because of the way marijuana is metabolized, edibles tend to have a stronger, longer-lasting effect.

Some people find themselves confused by the proper amount to dose, but thankfully, Colorado regulations require individual servings to be labeled clearly. For example, a 50mg candy bar is not a single serving, but is in fact 10, 5mg servings. Being aware of proper servings sizes will help prevent consumers from over-medicating until they are more familiar with how their body reacts to cannabis. The idea of “start low, take it slow” is one of the best practices for trying edibles for the first time. For novices, taking a five-milligram dose and waiting an hour to see the effects is the best method to prevent over-medicating. Though overmedicating is not inherently dangerous, it can be unpleasant and is enough to scare someone away from trying it again. Remember, it is easy to ingest more of an edible, but it so not possible to un-do what you have already consumed.

Edibles Tolerance






Having the best experience with edibles

Having an enjoyable experience with edibles really depends on a person’s willingness to use cannabis responsibly. Because cannabis effects everyone differently, it is wise to educate ourselves as much as possible about the types of edibles we are planning to consume and how they can effect each of us differently. The more we know about our own consumption, the better experience we will have. So when it comes to edibles, start low, take it slow, and most of all- enjoy yourself!

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