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The Magic Buzz creates powerful blends of plant-based Cannabinoids and Flowering Mushrooms to enhance your everyday experiential wellness journey.

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Why Choose Magic Buzz?

Diversity, Choice, and "Flower-Power!"

Our plant-based creations contain non-psychoactive 'Zero-THC'* cannabinoid/CBD blends infused with phytonutrient-rich Hemp Seed Oil and non-hallucinogenic Nutritional Mushrooms that can be enjoyed by all adults (though we suggest 18+ due to caffeination).

We've created our Proprietary Psybis-Plus™ Complex, containing legally compliant and mildly euphoric Amanita Mushrooms with flowering Lion's Mane and Cordyceps for enhancing energy, creativity, and clarity; blended with co-crystallized Hemp D9/CBD/CBG and other Cannabinoids plus Enhanced Caffeine for a spirited experience!

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About 'The Magic Buzz'

'The Magic Buzz' reflects on simpler times of social engagement, active lifestyles, and commitments to greater good. Our creations are designed to uplift and enhance your human journey and your life's work.

Our Mission? To combine the power of Nootropic Mushrooms (Flowering body only) & phytonutrient-rich Cannabinoids (Non-THC) in regulatorily compliant, yet innovative formulations to deliver unparalleled wellness experiences. We enhance social, community, creative, and vibrant humanistic engagements with the Earth and with Each Other.

~ Enhance your Journey... with "Flower-Power!"

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