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The Magic Buzz creates powerful blends of plant-based Cannabinoids and Flowering Mushrooms to enhance your everyday experiential wellness journey.

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Why Choose Magic Buzz?

Diversity, Choice, and "Flower-Power!"

While many of our plant-based creations contain both Mushrooms and Cannabis, some are non-psychoactive 'Zero-THC'* cannabinoid/CBD blends infused with phytonutrient-rich Hemp Seed Oil and non-hallucinogenic Nutritional Mushrooms that can be enjoyed by all adults (though we suggest 18+ due to caffeination).

Others contain high levels of THC** and are only available in 21+ Dispensary outlets in strictly regulated Adult-Use Legal States.

And still others brewed with our Proprietary Psybis-Plus™ Complex containing legally compliant and mildly euphoric Amanita Mushrooms with flowering Lion's Mane and Cordyceps for enhancing energy, creativity, and clarity; blended with co-crystallized Hemp D9/CBD/CBG and other Cannabinoids plus Enhanced Caffeine for a spirited experience!

~~~ Enjoy the Ride! ~~~

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About 'The Magic Buzz'

'The Magic Buzz' reflects on simpler times of social engagement, active lifestyles, and commitments to greater good. Our Infused Cannabis & Beneficial Mushroom creations are designed to uplift and enhance your human journey and your life's work.

Our Mission? To combine the power of Nootropic Mushrooms (Flowering body only) & phytonutrient-rich Cannabinoids (THC and Non-THC) in regulatory compliant, yet innovative formulations to deliver unparalleled wellness experiences. We enhance social, community, creative, and vibrant humanistic engagements with the Earth and with Each Other.

~ Enhance your Journey... with "Flower-Power!"

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