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The Magic Buzz is a Colorado western slope company committed to providing the highest quality recreational/retail marijuana products with an absolute and total focus on consistency of dosage and clarity of messaging. We focus on products that reflect the playful and progressive casual adult recreational use of marijuana. All packaging, instructions, directions for use, and social and standard media channels contain the education and information necessary for their consumption by anyone from Novice Consumers, to those who haven’t ‘partaken’ in years, to those who use cannabis products regularly. We are committed to products with distinguishing characteristics, functional enhancements and absolute effectiveness.
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We are dedicated to making your experience, whether it is your first or one of many, the best that it can be. Please let us, or your Bud-tender, help you decide which edibles and vaporizers will work best for you, and how to consume them in a safe and responsible manner.

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A Word About Edibles

Edibles are THC infused products that are metabolized in the body differently than smoked or inhaled product. With the passing of Amendment 64, legalizing the recreational sale and consumption of marijuana in Colorado, there was some stigma-reinforcing media coverage regarding “edibles”. Many people interviewed and some who wrote articles complained of having what they called “a bad trip” or feeling sick because of the edibles they had taken. Though we don’t know the exact cause of this discomfort, in most cases it can be assumed it was due to overconsumption. The key to enjoying edibles is to start with a low milligram dosage (the state of Colorado recommends you start with 5mg) or a single serving product, and to wait an extended period of time until you know how the edible will affect you before you consume more.
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